Name | 項目名稱

Shenzhen Jianwen Foreign Language Schooll丨深圳市建文外國語學校綜合樓

Location | 項目地點

Shenzhen,China 丨 中國深圳

Client | 項目業主 

Shenzhen Jianwen Foreign Language Schooll丨深圳建文外國語學校

The Design Team 丨設計團隊

梁海濱 錢志孚 王泉 伍名燦 張貴波 魏樂平



Area | 項目面


Design Time丨設計時間


Project Style 丨 項目風格

Modern and Simple Style 丨現代簡約

Keywords丨 關鍵詞

Edutainment,Interactive sharing丨寓教於樂、互動共享



Traditional schools have changed,  is no longer have  the same large building of the classroom,  but to meet the needs of all kinds,  construction of  campus culture in campus, should be the spirit of  humanity  and the  field into the school building and space,  with appropriate architecture,  the traditional culture  elements join vivid emotion between  teachers and students,  to show the poetic  artistic space  full of campus spirit.  Shenzhen Jianwen Foreign Language School is located in Longgang District. Since its establishment, it has gradually been widely recognized by the education system due to its advanced educational philosophy, international vision and high altitude, and it has become a leader in the education system of Shenzhen. The scope of the design is an independent complex building, a total of four floors.

傳統的学校已经发生了转变,不再是擁有相同教室的大型建筑, 而是要滿足各种各样的需求,校园建设应将文化融进校园,使人文与场域精神融于学校建筑及空间,以适宜的建筑和传统的文化元素衔接生动的师生情感,以藝術化的空间展示诗意满盈的校园精神。深圳市建文外国语学校位于龙岗片区, 从成立至今因其教育理念先进、兼具国际视野及高度,已逐步得到教育系统的普遍认可,目前已成为深圳学校教育系统中的佼佼者。此次设计范围是其一栋独立的综合楼,共四层。













The function and  orientation of  the space  on the first floor is a healthy,  interesting,  enlightening,  guiding,  participating and  interactive  complex  student  activity center.  Therefore,  we designed  a stepped school,  book bar,  maker center and  other functional  Spaces.  According to the  needs of  diversified  group  activities of students, the stepped school can be used to organize group activities such as recitation, martial arts, music and sharing meetings.

一层空间的功能及定位是健康、有趣、兼具啟發性、引導、參與、互動性強的複合式學生活動中心, 因此我們設計了階梯式學堂、書吧、創客中心等功能空間。根據學生多元化的團體活動需求,階梯式學堂可用於組織朗誦、武術、音樂、分享會等團體活動。








Classrooms,  libraries and  other functional  rooms are  designed  with more rich and flexible  spatial forms.  Bookshelves  with different  rules  create  interesting  and rich reading Spaces, making students' reading patterns more selective and flexible, and facilitating group collaboration and communication.

課室、圖書室等功能室的設計以更加豐富靈活的空間形態呈現, 不同規則的書架創造出有趣豐富的閱讀空間,  使得學生的閱讀模式可以有更多的選擇性與靈活性, 便於進行小組協作、溝通交流。